My European Adventure

I never really got to travel as a kid. We just didn’t have the means for it.

Now that I’m in my adult life, the thing that excites me more than anything is wandering the globe.  And luckily I have a partner who has the same need.

In our first six months of dating we had been to California, Utah, Florida, New York, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, and even Germany. For my birthday we took a spontaneous trip to Canada. Our trips are normally totally on a whim. Over our anniversary we were leaving CA and decided to fly to Austin last minute. It’s all rather thrilling to us.

So, it only seemed fitting that I take a spontaneous trip to Europe while my husband is deployed.

IMG_4940        IMG_4663









My good friend Brendan happened to be touring Europe with his partner Mark. I haven’t seen him in three years, since we danced together at Disneyland, so I figured I’d pay them a visit. Can you guess where we met up??


Amsterdam of course!!

What an exceptional city. Everything is right near the water and everyone seems to live quite freely. There aren’t many limitations to their every day lives, if ya know what I mean 😉

IMG_4612        IMG_4716

We stayed at an AirBnB right along one of the many canals.

As soon as I arrived, the Aussies had Brekkie all ready for me! We stayed and chatted for hours before we finally ventured out. It was perfect.


We even made it to the gym a couple of times bc duh. Day one we visited a CrossFit pad, while the last day we found a hip place called #Vondelgym where we organized our own workout. Brendan about killed me with his session he designed for us.

PS. this place quickly became a part of a dream vision of mine!

Make sure to click on the link above to view.










At night we wandered the city, admiring people and gorging ourselves with good food. I had the best churros I’ve ever tasted in my life near Amsterdam Central. We also spent some time on a dinner cruise along the canal, admiring art pieces from all over the world. Artists are urged to submit work as a part of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Each piece had its own story and my personal favorite was the light tunnel shown above. It felt as if we were traveling through time. A lovely experience if you ask me.

“In December and January, the city sparkles with many light art installations. National and international artists have created unique works of art, most of which were made specifically for Amsterdam Light Festival. The canals of Amsterdam form the enchanting background for the festival.”


After we said goodbye, I made my way towards Germany. This was not originally part of my plan, but since a big storm blew in, I couldnt’ seem to find my way home. Since I was stuck for a few extra days (hard life I know), I decided to go see another friend of mine!


If you follow my IG (@mssydpetitt), you’d know that I met Lara (right) in Canada on my bday! She was staying at the same AirBnb as us with her boyfriend at the time. Since then, I’ve seen her in the US and again in her hometown in Germany 🙂 She lives near Cologne in a smaller town called Hamm.

IMG_4796    IMG_4930

Check out where we first met here.

We stayed in Hamm on night one and ventured to Münster the following day. While in Münster (a university town known for its youthful charm and culture), we wandered the city and grabbed some bougie burgers.


It’s funny, I ended up eating American food mostly while I was there but everything felt gourmet. I got the double stacked burger with gouda, bacon and fig jam. Check out the Burgergrill here. The restaurant is like walking into a forest of aspen trees. Oh yea! And in Amsterdam we ordered these awesome hot dogs from the Foodhallen. “Bulls and Dogs” takes the original dog and make it deluxe! They use real German pretzel buns and three color cabbage to start, and then you add in the rest. I got walnuts and some fancy sauce on mine 😉


So yes fitness and food are always a must no matter where I go!


One of my favorite memories from Germany was simply sitting at home with Lara and her family, chatting with her granny about old stories from the war. She said at one time, many American soldiers raided their three-level home. I can’t imagine that! Of course I only speak English and she only speaks German, but it was really cool hearing her talk about everything. Oh yes, and we talked about Helene Fischer too 😉


And Amsterdam? Wandering in “coffee shops” and falling over the streets like little kids. There were A LOT of laughs. Plus, seeing old & new friends no matter where I am in the world is always a treat. I’m just lucky they live/travel to cool places too!!



Until next time Europe.


Maybe then I can get stuck for a little longer.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sabrina says:

    Hi Sydney, so good to hear you had a good time visiting Amsterdam Light Festival. We loved having you! Until next time 😉 Best, team Amsterdam Light Festival

    1. Hi Sabrina!! It was so wonderful. Me and my friends had a great time. I hope to take my husband back in the future. Thank you for hosting such a lovely event!! I am a big fan ♥️

  2. Ben Aqiba says:

    Hi Sydney,

    you create wonderful memories and I’m sure you’ll have something to talk to your grandchildren :)…pictures are wonderful

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