You know what I’ve been extra thankful for lately?



I mean it. Truly I do not know what I would do without them.

I’ve got girlfriends in all different area codes, and when I’m driving home late at night from work (I have an hour and a half commute) chatting with each of them is the best distraction I could ever ask for.


And it doesn’t matter how much time has gone by since I’ve seen them. No matter if it’s been a month, two weeks or a year, nothing ever really changes.

They’ve always got me.

No matter what.


I mean isn’t that amazing??


I may only have this special relationship with a select few, but man do I feel lucky to have such incredible women in my life. Seriously.

They’re always concerned about my well-being, and each and every one of them are so inspiring to me.



Recently I’ve been going through this kind of reawakening in my own life. I won’t get into details, but I think we all know what it’s like to grow and change as human beings. Having this experience with the military, you don’t always have your loved ones there to lean on – in all honesty – there’s just not a physical presence 100% of the time. So I have found it very important for me to stay busy, be involved in things that I love, and reach out to my girlfriends that I call family.

I really think that is so important: to have like minded individuals and specifically women that you/I can count on and build from.


In short, I’m writing to thank all of you. Yes you (Lauryn Muraida, Britney Gale, Gabbie Johnson, Katie Reese, Kelly Allen, Sarah Midgley, Emma Chapman, Spencer Clark, Rel Soltisz, Iwona Tanen, Geri Veilleux, Sam Wheeler) the women who inspire and motivate me every day to be kinder, stronger, more independent, and the very best damn person I can be.

Because you know “there is no limit to how radiant, alive and irresistible you can be.”


So I say let’s DO IT! We CAN do it all. Sure this is a girl power kind of speech… but I think it’s actually possible to be girly (yes I’m sitting here watching SATC), have poise, live for silly sappy moments AND be a total badass. You can stand up for what you believe in and do it with grace. This is something I’m working on ladies, and I’m able to do it because of all of you.


This shoot was from one year ago at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with Ms. Muraida. We’ve become pen pals recently (and yes I’m writing you back asap), and it’s brining back all kinds of memories for me. I love the days where I can be carefree and venture around with awesome gals who just want to enjoy life and lift each other up.¬†


All photos shot by Alycia Kravitz 

Much love,


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