Utah the beautiful

Utah will always be home for me.

To be honest I’ve been needing that feeling of home now more than ever. I’ve been lost in a life that is not for me for quite some time, and I am ready to get back to being me.


So I made my way to Utah for a weekend getaway and was immediately welcomed with open arms. I was joined by friends, family and SO MANY loved ones.

We started by heading to lunch at my favorite spot in SLC, led by a jewelry making session with my brother and bestie at the infamous Gem Studio. This is an absolute MUST DO if you’re in UT County. Talk about the best date night and/or group activity.

This is definitely a new addiction for me. I could have spent all night at the shop (maybe bc it took me a good hour to pick out my stone), but mostly because it was so rewarding to have a piece made by my own hands.


The following day included WOD’s with the bro, mom’s homemade pumpkin waffles and even a nap! I also got to see my close friend perform with a local dance company accompanied by many old (and forever) friends.

And the best part of the trip?



Brunch with my people.



And the SPA! To relax, recharge and heal.

My goal from here on out includes this: self-care is my first priority above all.

Luckily I have some really wonderful people in my life to remind me of this too.


Being home, near the mountains, surrounded by trees and with family is just what I needed. And then a massage to top it all off? YES PLEASE. I am so thankful for those who really care about my heart & my soul. If you have those kinds of people in your life… keep them. And do me a favor and promise to never let them go.

with love,



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