My name is Sydney and I am a dancer/choreographer and an academic. I moved from Utah to Los Angeles, and then to the Big Apple for graduate school at New York University. Somewhere along the way I met my husband of two years ❤ We’ve got the travel bug and we are all for adventure. He’s in the Air Force and I am the creative wanderer.

Here I will be sharing experiences, elements of my daily life and nuances that I discover. Simply I am writing to express. For me it is easier to share things on paper or through movement. At times I do not have the words for the things that I might feel. Ultimately this is for my loved ones to keep up with what I am doing. I am sharing my life with you, so that you can stay closer to me.

With love, Syd ❤

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  1. Papa Tony says:

    This is pretty awesome! From a fellow blogger, kudos to you! You will find your dreams because you are actively looking for them!

    1. Hey thanks! I really appreciate you reading. I sure hope so and I believe that to be true! 🙂

  2. Cory Molloy says:

    Great video- I love how you are clear about your passion. Shari Lane was my dance teacher at Ballet West with my Sister… Dancing is great fun. I hope you enjoy your new experience in Los Angeles…

    1. Why thank you! I am definitely very passionate about what I do and always will be. Ah Shari is the BEST! She has been one of my biggest mentors. You should see the piece she set on us last year for PDC 🙂 SO incredible! Thanks again. I’m loving it here. Yay!

  3. Vaughn Brown says:

    well done sister!!! I’m in your corner all the way, you’re awesome!! I love your drive and your enthusiasm and your art form is beautiful. I don’t remember how I even got in touch with you but you have inspired me, so thank you! Don’t let LA eat you up, stand up and be yourself always. I was there and that place can do some damage to the soul if you’re not careful 😉

    1. Wow, thank you! You’re always so sweet to me. I’m very grateful for the constant support 🙂 I could definitely see that. I’ll always be me though! Thank you for recognizing. I won’t stop at nothing… All of this means the world to me. Thanks again!

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