My name is Sydney and I am a dancer and academic. I moved from Utah to Los Angeles, upon graduating from the University of Utah in 2013. Now I am in the Big Apple for Graduate school at New York University! Not to mention I just married the man of my dreams ❤  In short, we live at a distance and I am a new military wife. Nonetheless, we’ve got the travel bug and we are all for adventure. As you can see, my life has changed immensely over the course of at the past few years.

Here I will be sharing experiences, elements of my daily life and nuances that I discover. Simply I am writing to express. For me it is easier to share things on paper or through movement. At times I do not have the words for the things that I might feel. Ultimately this is for my loved ones to keep up with what I am doing. I am sharing my life with you, so that you can stay closer to me.

With love, Syd ❤

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  1. Papa Tony says:

    This is pretty awesome! From a fellow blogger, kudos to you! You will find your dreams because you are actively looking for them!

    1. Hey thanks! I really appreciate you reading. I sure hope so and I believe that to be true! 🙂

  2. Cory Molloy says:

    Great video- I love how you are clear about your passion. Shari Lane was my dance teacher at Ballet West with my Sister… Dancing is great fun. I hope you enjoy your new experience in Los Angeles…

    1. Why thank you! I am definitely very passionate about what I do and always will be. Ah Shari is the BEST! She has been one of my biggest mentors. You should see the piece she set on us last year for PDC 🙂 SO incredible! Thanks again. I’m loving it here. Yay!

  3. Vaughn Brown says:

    well done sister!!! I’m in your corner all the way, you’re awesome!! I love your drive and your enthusiasm and your art form is beautiful. I don’t remember how I even got in touch with you but you have inspired me, so thank you! Don’t let LA eat you up, stand up and be yourself always. I was there and that place can do some damage to the soul if you’re not careful 😉

    1. Wow, thank you! You’re always so sweet to me. I’m very grateful for the constant support 🙂 I could definitely see that. I’ll always be me though! Thank you for recognizing. I won’t stop at nothing… All of this means the world to me. Thanks again!

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