a bday getaway to Alberta, Canada ūüôā check out our adventures to Banff and around Calgary!!

a weekend full of friends & food!

In NYC it’s necessary to try all of the wonderful food it has to offer. Sometimes that means you have to do it all in one weekend and that is totally okay!! What’s your favorite place in the city?

details of our honeymoon in Belize!

What an incredible¬†few weeks it has been! Spending time with my honey, wedding bells AND an amazing honeymoon?!! Just what my soul needed. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time. We decided to venture down to Belize to explore the jungle! What is the one thing that America cannot offer to…

Bound for Santa Fe

Santa Fe, my old friend. I can’t spend my whole life dreaming. Though I know thats all I seem inclined to do. I ain’t getting any younger. And I wanna start brand new. I need space. And fresh air. Let ’em laugh in my face. I don’t care. Save my place. I’ll be there. -Newsies-…

adventure { buddies }

Growing up I didn’t get to travel a whole lot. This has left me with an eagerness to get out and explore! You may¬†call this a feeling of Wanderlust. Even though the majority of my traveling has been through work, I’ve always managed to have time on my own. ¬† ¬† ¬† I’ve found myself…