a bday getaway to Alberta, Canada 🙂 check out our adventures to Banff and around Calgary!!

a weekend full of friends & food!

In NYC it’s necessary to try all of the wonderful food it has to offer. Sometimes that means you have to do it all in one weekend and that is totally okay!! What’s your favorite place in the city?

Why we love SF

It has been a month since we returned from our honeymoon (sad face) but I’ve been meaning to tell you all about our time in SAN FRAN!! To finish up our travels, we made it back to the US and up to the Golden State. Our main goal was to visit Muir Woods. We happen to…

End of Year

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted my very first entry on my blog. I began writing to share. My thoughts are that sharing knowledge and our experiences are one of the most vital aspects of life. Knowledge is power. Hoarding it will only leave you stagnant. The more you distribute, the more that comes…

The fancy ways of Vienna, Austria

Well I must say Vienna has been one of the most extravagant cities I’ve ever seen. It is so incredibly historic that you can’t help but stand there in amazement. After a long bus ride, we all couldn’t wait to get to the hotel knowing that we were staying at the lovely Ritz Carlton. Oh…